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Hastings Tramways Club

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History of Hastings Tramways
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Centenary 1905-2005
Centenary 1906-2006

History of Our Club

The Hastings Tramway Club (H.T.C.) was formed in 1992 to create an interest in the history of trams which formed a major part of the transport scene in the last century.

Our Objective

The club's main objective is to bring the trams back to the streets of Hastings, all-be-it modern ones. We also aim to restore two of the former Hastings Tramcars nos. 48 and 56 to their former glory and to run a miniature tramway somewhere in or near Hastings. In doing so, we aim to promote the idea of a modern tramway system in Hastings and increase knowledge of the 20th Century Hastings Tramways.

Our Club Members

Below is a list of some of the senior members of the club:-
Roy Austen - our Club Chairman
Steve Chapman - our Vice Chairman
Derek Masters -  our Membership Secretary and Treasurer
Chris Sweatman - our secretary
Mike Turner -  our publicity officer 
Barry Enefer - our archives officer
Oliver Boorman Humphrey -  our newsletter editor

Click on the link below to view our club's leaflet for more information about the club

Hastings Tramways Club leaflet