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Hastings Tramways Club

15th July 2005 Celebrations

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Centenary 1905-2005
Centenary 1906-2006

On the 15th July 1905, the first tests of
the newly built Hastings Tramcars took
place around Hastings, in preparation for
the public opening on the 31st July 1905.
Much of this testing took place using Car
10, the first car to be completed at
To commemorate this centenary, the
club organised a tour of Hastings in the
1928 Trolleybus, 'Happy Harold' for the
club's members. The tour was a great
success, partly due the good weather.
The tour ended at the Hastings Old Town
Museum where a special display about the
Hastings Trams was being displayed

Derek on Happy Harold during 15th July centenary celerations

'Happy Harold' outside Hastings Town Hall along with some of the members during 15th July Centenary